Freight air

LLC «RusAviaTrade» provides air cargo delivery services in respect of bulky, oversized cargo with the help of the planes AN-124-100 and IL-76MD throughout the world.

The advantages of air delivery are as follows: urgent delivery, high standard of reliability, absence of geographic obstacles, absence of weight and size limitations.

The commercial plane AN-124-100 was designed on the grounds of heavy millitary transportational plane AN-124 «Ruslan», which is considered to have the best cargo capacity among the full-scale produced planes in the world.

The unique transportational capacities and high flying-technical characteristics of «Ruslan» can be proved in commercial exploitation, which has opened the new segment of the market — delivery of oversized heavy cargo.

The construction and the sizes of the front and back traps of the plane, closing by the ramps, allows to execute fast and convenient cargo handling operations.

The inflight system of transportational equipment allows to perform the filling and discharge without the terrestial implements. The multi-landing gear of high passability, two APU compartments and mechanization of filling provide the off-line exploitation of the plane on the poorly equipped airdromes.

The soviet and Russian heavy millitary transportational plane, designed by the Ilyushin OKB, Il-76 is intended to transport technics and cargo of various assignation.

As a first millitary transportational plane with turboreactive engine in the history of the USSR, Il-76 is able to deliver cargo with maximum weight 28-60 tons on the destination of 3600-4200 km with cruiser speed of 770-800 km/h (the maximum weight of the transported cargo and the length of flight depend on the modification).

This plane has the pressurized freight cabin and freight ramp to provide the convenience of cargo handling operations. It is possible to set three passenger modules, made in the form of standard cargo casks, in the freight cabin.

Il-76MD has a forceful wing mechanization and multi-wheel landing gear with highly effective braking system, which allows to take off and land in unsurfaced areas.

AN-124-100 IL-76MD
Cargo capacity 120000 48000 kg
Farness with maximum charge 4800  4200 km
Cruiser speed 800-850 770-800 km
The length of the freight cabin 36,5 24,54 m
The width of the freight cabin 6,4 3,45 m
The height of thefreight cabin 4,4 3,4 m
The capacity of the cargo compartment 750 321 cubic m
The size of the front cargo trap 6,4х4,4 m
The size of the back cargo trap 6,4х4,4 m

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