The multi-target medium helicopter KA-32A11BC

The multi-target medium helicopter Ka-32A11BC, as a leader in its class, is intended to perform the vast spectrum of issues.

Thanks to the coaxial scheme with two turboshaft engines and without steering screw, the helicopter gets high power despite of its compacted size. It allows the helicopter to work effectively in any conditions such as city construction or a highland woody area.

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The light-weight multi-target helicopter KA-226T

Incredible dirigibility,high power, safety and unpretentiousness - are the main qualities of the light-weight multi-target helicopter Ka-226T. As one of the best in its class, this helicopter is able to work from small-sized boards. The sizes of the fuselage with empennage do not exceed the space swept by the bearing screws.

A vast quantity of modifications thanks to the suitable modular construction allows to use this helicopter for different issues in any conditions.

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The transportational helicopter MI-171.

The helicopter Mi-171E - is the exportable version of the Russian transportational helicopter Mi-171, which represents a profond modernisation of the helicopter Mi-8.

The huge experience of exploitation of more than 12000 helicopters of the Mi-8 family in all climatic and natural zones was analyzed when creating the Mi-171E helicopter.

One of the main advantages of the helicopter Mi-171E is its multi-functionality, which allows it to handle various problems.

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