The multi-target medium helicopter Ka-32A11BC, as a leader in its class, is intended to perform the vast spectrum of issues, which are as follows:
— Goods transportation inside the fuselage and on the external hanger;
— Evacuation of wounded and injured people;
— Fire-extinguishing;
— High-altitude installation works;
— Searching-safety operations;
— Patrolling;
— Support in handling special operations.

Thanks to the coaxial scheme with two turboshaft engines and without steering screw, the helicopter gets high power despite of its compacted size. It allows the helicopter to work effectively in any conditions such as city construction or a highland woody area.

Having inherited the best qualities from the naval Ka-27ПС, on which grounds it was designed, Ka-32A11BC can work in the conditions of high humidity and easily bears the influence of the hostile maritime environment and it can land on the vessels’ decks and belly boards.

This helicopter faces the international safety standards and is subject to airworthiness standards НЛГВ32.29 and FAR-29 in transport categories A and B to accomplish visual flights and instrument flying, in the day time and at night, in simple and complex meteorological conditions over the land and the sea. The helicopter is equipped with antiicing system for engines and blades.

Following the certification in Canada in 1998 Ka-32A11BC got the modification denotation «BC» from British Columbia.

It is successfully used in Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.
The flying resorce of 32 000 hours allows the helicopter to bear low operational expenses.

Flying characteristics:
Maximum speed 260 km/h
Cruisser speed 245 km/h
Cruiser speed (on maximum length) 225 km/h
Cruiser speed (on maximum prolonged engine regime) 245 km/h
Practical ceiling (maximum flying height) 5000 m
Statical ceiling in the zone of the Earth’s influence 4700 m
Statical ceiling beyond the zone of the Earth’s influence 3600 m
Maximum farness of flight with the main reservoirs 650 km
Maximum farness of flight with extra reservoirs 870 km
Maximum rate of climb 15 m/sec
Duration of flight with the main reservoirs (without extra) 4 h
Passenger capacity (standard boarding)  2+13 persons
Passenger capacity (compact boarding)  2+16 persons
Weight characteristics
Maximum take-off bulk 11000 kg
With the weight on the external hanger 12700 kg
Maximum payload on the external hanger 5000 kg
Maximum payload in the freight cabin:
***КА-32С 3300 kg
***КА-32Т 3500 kg
***КА-32А and later modifications 3700 kg
Basic sizes
Diameter of the bearing screws 15900 mm
The height of the helicopter 5450 mm
The length of the helicopter (with blades compounded) 11300 mm
The width of the helicopter (with blades compounded) 3805 mm
The angle of the main rotor tilt +4*30′(ahead)
Sizes of the fuselage
Length 4520 mm
Width 1450 mm
Height 1320 mm
Span cubic m
Producer  Klimov
Model  TV3-117VMA
Type of engine gas-turbine
Quantity of engines  2
Take-off power 2х2200(2х1619)  h/p (kW)
Take-off power in extraordinary regimes 2х2400(2х1766)  h/p (kW)
Cruiser power 2х1700(2х1251)  h/p (kW)
Holding capacity of the fuel tanks
Standard tanks 2424 (1940) l (kg)
Extra tanks 2х481 (2х385) l (kg)
Fuel paraffin
Feeding system distributed injection into the camera

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