The medium multi-target helicopter Ka-62 was designed as a civil modification of a multi-target millitary transportation helicopter Ka-60 with preservation of the most successful constructive decisions of the military model. This helicopter represents a one-screw construction scheme with multi-blade steering screw in the circular canal of the vertical tail assembly. Two high-safety, turboshaft engines Turbomeca Ardiden 3G with the power of 1680 h/p have very low fuel consumption and are easy in usage. The «glass» cabin provides the flying team with the premium vision and is equipted with the amortization seats.
The spectrum of operating temperatures is from -50 to +45 degrees, moreover the exploitation of the helicopter without preheating transmission rigs and engines. It allows to use the helicopter in the vast spectrum of different climatic and geographic conditions. The exploitation of Ka-62 is possible from the basis airdromes, oil platformes and unequipped unpaved airfields.
Ka-62 may be used for the following purposes:
— goods transportation;
— observating and patrolling issues;
— searching-safety operations;
— urgent medical help;
— corporate purposes.

Ka-62 is subject to the Russian and international airworthiness standards (АП-29, CS-29, JAR-OPS3), exploitation rules of performing off-shore operations, international security, resources, flight safety, comfort conditions, technical exploitation and repairability standards.

Flying characteristics
Maximum speed 310 km/h
Cruisser speed 290 km/h
Practical ceiling (maximum flying height) 6100 m
Statical ceiling beyond the zone of the Earth’s influence 3200 m
Maximum farness of flight with the main reservoirs 720 km
Ferry range 1135 km
Duration of flight with the main reservoirs (with no extra) 4 h
Flying team 1-2 persons
Passengers 12-15 persons
Weight characteristics
Maximum take-off bulk 6500 kg
Maximum payload on the external hanger 2500 kg
Maximum payload in the transport cabin 2200 kg
Sizes of the fuselage
Length 4100 mm
Width 174 mm
Height 1300 mm
Span 9,5 cubic m
Model Turbomeca Ardiden3G
Type of engine gas-turbine
Quantity of engines 2
Take-off power:
Take-off power in extraordinary regimes 1775 h/p
ВCruiser power 1940 h/p
Spectrum of operating temperatures -50 /+45°С °С

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