The helicopter Mi-171E — is the exportable version of the Russian transport helicopter Mi-171, which represents a profond modernisation of the helicopter Mi-8.

One of the main advantages of the helicopter Mi-171E is its multi-functionality, which includes:
— the possible transportation up to 37 skytroopers/ on-duty passengers in full munition on collapsible seats;
-the transportation up to 26 passangers (on passanger seats);
— the transportation of goods with the weight up to 4000 kg in the freight cabin;
— the transportation of goods with the weight up to 4000 kg on the external hanger;
— the transportation up to 12 wounded patiens on the litter accompanied by medical personnel;
— the performance of searching-safety operations;
— the provision of urgent medical surgeries in the field;
— the performance of fire-fighting works;
— the patrolling;
— the performance of works including the heaving, filling and unlading goods while flying.

The helicopter is designed by the OJSC » The M.L.Mile Moscow helicopter enterprise» and is produced by the OJSC «Ulan-Udenskiy aviation enterprise», which enters the Holding company «The Russian Helicopters». The huge experience of exploitation of more than 12000 helicopters of the Mi-8 family in all climatic and natural zones was analyzed when creating the Mi-171E helicopter.

Flying characteristics
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Cruisser speed 260 km/h
Practical ceiling (maximum flying height) 6000 m
Statical ceiling beyond the zone of the Earth’s influence 4000 m
Maximum farness of flight with the main reservoirs 800 km
Flying team  1-2 persons
Skytroopers/on-duty passengers (on the seats of skytroopers) up to 37 persons
Passengers (on passenger seats) up to 26 persons
Weight characteristics
Maximum take-off bulk 13000 kg
With the weight on the external hanger 13500 kg
Maximum payload on the external hanger 5000 kg
Maximum payload in the freight cabin  4000 kg
Basic sizes
Diameter of the rotor 21290 mm
Diameter of the steering rotor 3910 mm
The height of the helicopter 5650 mm
The length of the helicopter (with blades compounded) 18170 mm
Sizes of the fuselage
Length 6360 mm
Width 2340 mm
Height 1800 mm
Span 23 cubic m
Model  ВК-2500ПС-03
Type of engine gas-turbine
Quantity of engines  2
Take-off power :
Take-off power 2400 h/p
Take-off power in extraordinary regimes 2700 h/p
Cruiser power 1700 h/p
Spectrum of operating temperatures  -50 /+50° °С

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