ООО "Обслуживающая компания ЛИК LLC «Servicing company LIK» has the main target, which contains: adaptation of unified organisation with united managment, equipment, inventory, general funds and responsible for the work performed in respect of managing flying-testing unit.
ОАО "Камов" OJSC «Kamov» is the constructional bureau of the Holdingcompany «Russian Helicopters», which constructs multi-target helicopter vehicles and technics and creates and tests development types. OJSC «Kamov» is famous as a designer of military and commercial helicopters with contrarotating screw propellers. During its 75-year-old history OJSC «Kamov» created the unique exploratory school, having formed technical-scientific potential in creating helicopters of different aerodynamic schemes..
Арсеньевская авиационная компания «Прогресс» им. Н.И.Сазыкина PJSC «The Sazukyn Arsenyevskaya Aviation Company «Progress» — is a planemaker company of military helicopters Ka-52 «Alligator» produced by OKB Kamov. The preparation of producing the naval helicopter Ka-52K and the civil Ka-62.
ООО "Авиа-Концепт" LLC»Avia Concept» — is incorporated in order to develop industrial design of aviation technics. The main activities include: examination of design, engineering and safety of aerotechnics; creation of demonstrational and aerodynamic models, prototypes of flying vehicles; documentation issuance and other issues.
Федерация вертолетного спорта России All-Russian social organisation «The Federation of Russian helicopter sport«- a freewill all-Russian social unity of citizens and legal persons operating on the territory of more than a half of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Its main targets include: the development of helicopter sport in Russia; outreach of helicopter sport in Russia and abroad; assistance in providing rights of citizens and members of the Federation to do aviation sport.
Вертолетная компания "Аэросоюз" Helicopter company » Aerosoyuz» -provides such services as the sale of helicopters produced abroad, education, aviation works, technical servicing, club activity.

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