Incredible dirigibility,high power, safety and unpretentiousness — are the main qualities of the light-weight multi-target helicopter Ka-226T. As one of the best in its class, this helicopter is able to work from small-sized boards. The sizes of the fuselage with empennage do not exceed the space swept by the bearing screws.

A vast quantity of modifications thanks to the suitable modular construction allowsto use this helicopter for different issues in any conditions.
— Passenger — allows to transport up to 7 persons in comfortable conditions
— Transportational -can transfer a ton of goods inside the fuselage or on the external hanger. The exchange of the transportational cabin for the freight board is provided in case of off-gauge goods.
— Two medical modifications are provided as well: evacuational and medical-emergency.
— Police modification allows to handle the majority of issues to provide and support law and order.
— Searching-safety modification, thanks to the high precision of floating, allows to lift on board the injured easily and safely.

The flights can be executed in the day time and at night, in complex meteorological and climatic conditions, above the land with different geographic landscape, as well as in highland areas and over the sea.

The spectrum of temperatures convenient for exploitation is from -50 to +50 degrees with humidity up to 100 per cent. The blades of the bearing screws are equipped with electrothermal antiicing system.

The first flight was performed in 1997. The full-scale production started in 2002.

Flying characteristics
Maximum speed 220 km/h
Cruisser speed 220 km/h
Practical ceiling (maximum flying height) 5700 m
Statical ceiling in the zone of the Earth’s influence 4900 m
Maximum farness of flight with the main reservoirs 470 km
Maximum rate of climb 11 m/sec
Duration of flight with the main reservoirs (without extra) 3,5 h
Flying team  1-2 persons
Passenger capacity up to 7 persons
Weight characteristics:
Maximum take-off bulk 3600 kg
With the weight on the external hanger kg
Maximum payload on the external hanger kg
Maximum payload in the transportational cabin 785 kg
Basic sizes
Diameter of the bearing screws 13240 mm
The height of the helicopter 4185 mm
The length of the helicopter (with blades compounded) 8610 mm
The width of the helicopter (with blades compounded) 3225 mm
Sizes of the fuselage
Length 1880 mm
Width 1340 mm
Height 1400 mm
Span cubic m
Producer  Turbomeca
Model  Arrius2GI
Type of engine gas-turbine
Quantity of engines  2
Take-off power 580(426)  h/p (kW)
Take-off power in extraordinary regimes 705(519)  h/p (kW)

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